Moving on…

So lately ive been headed towards a different path, a more enlightened path if you say. I’ve been reading my bible and ¬†going to church more so that’s good on my part. I’ve just started college and i don’t particularly like it because i go to a different campus than my friends. I feel so alone at this campus and out of my element but i most be there for a reason so im making the best out of it.

I got a job at Publix and i work 25+ hours a week! i love the job, hate the back pain i get though from standing; maybe i should get a back supporter. There’s this boy who works at my job, hes from Spain, and hes so adorable in an Edward Cullen type of way! The only thing is he is still in high school and i don’t want to deal with petty high school drama anymore so idk if i would want to be anything more than friends if of course he wanted.