How many of us have them?

Back in Michigan i have two bestfriends, Gabby and Tanaya (Ta-na-yah). I’ve known Gabby since i was in third grade, we met on a cool summer day in August. I  just moved into the neighborhood and i was playing in my drive way, i heard a sound coming down the street, sounded like a soft motorcycle. I looked up to see a girl coming down the street on her motor scooter, she looked so cool, to my surprise she pulled into my driveway and asked if i wanted to play with her, and the rest is history.

Now me and Tanaya met in the 7th grade in chorus class, since we were both altos we got to spend a lot of time together. We really didn’t become bffs until one day, we accidentally took each others school issued laptops home. My mom took me over her house so we could switch them back and i got to spend the whole day with Tanaya, it was then i knew that i was gonna be this girls bestfriend, and the rest is history…(:

So i have a 10 year friendship with Gabby and a 6 year friendship with Tanaya, I’ve never had to question their loyalty. Living without them drives me insane! I’m so thankful for Facetime and phone calls but it doesn’t compare to having them in the flesh.

Gabby is a year younger than me but Tanaya is the same age as me and hopefully she gets to move to Florida and go to college with me! i’m currently trying to convince my mom to let her stay with us. Wish me luck !


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