Moving on…

So lately ive been headed towards a different path, a more enlightened path if you say. I’ve been reading my bible and  going to church more so that’s good on my part. I’ve just started college and i don’t particularly like it because i go to a different campus than my friends. I feel so alone at this campus and out of my element but i most be there for a reason so im making the best out of it.

I got a job at Publix and i work 25+ hours a week! i love the job, hate the back pain i get though from standing; maybe i should get a back supporter. There’s this boy who works at my job, hes from Spain, and hes so adorable in an Edward Cullen type of way! The only thing is he is still in high school and i don’t want to deal with petty high school drama anymore so idk if i would want to be anything more than friends if of course he wanted.


How many of us have them?

Back in Michigan i have two bestfriends, Gabby and Tanaya (Ta-na-yah). I’ve known Gabby since i was in third grade, we met on a cool summer day in August. I  just moved into the neighborhood and i was playing in my drive way, i heard a sound coming down the street, sounded like a soft motorcycle. I looked up to see a girl coming down the street on her motor scooter, she looked so cool, to my surprise she pulled into my driveway and asked if i wanted to play with her, and the rest is history.

Now me and Tanaya met in the 7th grade in chorus class, since we were both altos we got to spend a lot of time together. We really didn’t become bffs until one day, we accidentally took each others school issued laptops home. My mom took me over her house so we could switch them back and i got to spend the whole day with Tanaya, it was then i knew that i was gonna be this girls bestfriend, and the rest is history…(:

So i have a 10 year friendship with Gabby and a 6 year friendship with Tanaya, I’ve never had to question their loyalty. Living without them drives me insane! I’m so thankful for Facetime and phone calls but it doesn’t compare to having them in the flesh.

Gabby is a year younger than me but Tanaya is the same age as me and hopefully she gets to move to Florida and go to college with me! i’m currently trying to convince my mom to let her stay with us. Wish me luck !


About me: My life as M… :P

So I just turned 18 this year and I currently live in the “sunshine state”. Most of my friends think that my life is so amazing, but in reality it kinda sucks….. Before I moved to the sunshine state i lived in the “mitten” aka Michigan, my mom got remarried and packed up and moved to Florida. My stepdad aka Hades, has a very nice bank account, so we live in a gated community. Along with living in a gated community, we have 4 luxury cars ( I don’t get to drive any 😦 of them ).

When I first moved here I didn’t know anybody! I was going to the 11th grade and I was terrified! My school was HUGE way bigger than the ones i was use to. My first day was a mess, I didn’t have a seat on the bus, I got lost, and I tripped UP the stairs. Eventually I made friends, unfortunately they were drug dealers…(I know what you’re thinking, RUNNN!) but i didn’t they were my only friends, so i stuck around for a bit, until i came to my senses. Thank God for Taco Bell, literally. I got hired there and i soon wasn’t able to hangout with the dealers anymore and we eventually just drifted apart. It was probably for the best. Honestly i thought they were gonna come kill me like in scary movie but its all good. In the middle of my junior year i met J, she was the first girl i met who was the same age as me because all my friends were underclassmen. I guess my babyface made it look like i was supposed to be with the freshman class. *shrugs*. Anyway she was just amazing i WAS totally grateful for her. We were the best of friends and when senior year started we met B and the other J, we’ll call her “Jay”. They both just moved here from different states, and it didn’t take long for the four of us to become a clique. We were inseparable, until after graduation. Jay and J always seemed to butt heads occasionally. They both don’t hold their “V” cards anymore and always argue about it. They barely talked this Summer, and Jay told me recently that she doesn’t want to be J friend anymore because she not a Christian and doesn’t want to hangout with non Christian people. I smell BS! I think that’s a lie just to not be her friend anymore, and Jay inst necessarily portray the perfect Christian either! She walks around likes shes holier than thou sometimes, if you know what i mean. So currently all four of us are attending the same college in September and i don’t know how that’s going to work out. Quite frankly that leaves me and B in the middle, and right now i feel like i have no friends.

My Summer in one word, SUCKY! i don’t have a job so i was housebound all Summer. 1/2 of my bffs from Michigan came to visit me but that’s about it. I did however meet Hector, my short and tragic summer romance. We met at the beach and he was super nice, he went to local high school so we had mutual friends. We texted each other every day and our growing friendship became a romance. He came to see me while i was hanging out with my friends a couple times. I quickly noticed that he would become very awkward, almost creepy awkward. Hes senior in high school this year, so i told him that we should probably end it because i’d be too busy with college and work to see him regularly. He wasn’t happy at first but eventually we ended it civilly. We talk every “here and there” now. He was my 3rd kiss ever!

Currently, I’m trying to get my life back together with Mr. J Christ. I did a little drinking + smoking this Summer out of boredom, a bit of depression, and a dab of peer pressure. Thankfully I’ve stopped all of that and i’m on to better things! Thank God for repentance!

(names are protected throughout my story)


Hello world!

Hey, what’s going on?

My name is Mariah

I’m starting this blog because I think its a great way to pass time! I’ll probably just write about my everyday life, the past, friends & family, and college! Hope you enjoy! (: